Over the years, I’ve publish/posted very little of my writing under my own name. Instead, I’ve used a variety of pen names. Well, those days are over. I’ll be using my own name in the future. For good or bad. Well, almost all. There will be a few stories that will continue under other names […]

The Principal IT Strategy – Fit

An old boss, Sam Turner of Life of Virginia (and the whole revolution of life insurance as an investment vehicle), once described the main IT strategy perfectly. He said IT was like a doughnut around the business. It could expand until it took over the business (usually ending in failure). It could constrict the business […]

IT 2010s – Delay

A few weeks ago, as I was digging through some paper records (remember those things?), I ran across a paper I had written in grad school (latter half of the 80s) about stakeholders. All my thinking I put into that paper and the experiences I’ve had since caused me to begin to rethink the 2010s […]

A New Economic Model?

We’ve heard about the shifting economy (or, as some have said, the tanking economy) for a while. In my very humble opinion, it has been shifting for the last 20 plus years. Fortunately, better economic minds than mine also feel this way. I recently stumbled on a couple of articles from 2009 that make sense […]